Apr. 12th, 2012

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Know me.
My spirit is unbroken.

See me,
And feel the one that you scorned
Knowing you for that which you are
And that which you are not.

I am here.
You have not conquered me.

I stand before you,
Knowing that you rejected me
Not in superiority to me
But in fear of me.

So as you shall fear, fear not me.
Fear, instead, yourselves.

For as you return to dust,
My memory will live on
In the minds and hearts
Of those who love me.

10 April 2012
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When one truly loves another, it is not a love for what one would have the other be.  It is not a love for that to which one would reduce the other, in order to secure the other's favors.  When one truly loves another, it is a love for the one who would turn their back and walk away, were it deemed necessary.  This is when love ceases to be hormones and heavy breathing.  This is when love ceases to be husbandry.  This is when love becomes a responsibility, a responsibility to the one who is loved, to be loved as who and what they are, a responsibility to be borne gladly.

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