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The evening previous, we had got together with old friends.  I had not seen these people since my thirtieth birthday party.  It was such a long time ago, nearly twenty-five years, but we were nthe nsame cadre we were nin high school.  We remembered the old days, we remembered the one of our number who was with us only in memory.  It was good.

It turned out that it was karaoke night at that establishment, and I could not pass up a chance I thought I might never have again; I went to the DJ's table and left a request.  When my turn came, I introduced my performance with "This is for someone very, very special."  It was Neil Diamond's Play Me.  I sang to her.  I watched her look back at me.  At the refrain, our eyes met.  "You are bthe Sun, I am the Moon, you are the words, I am the tune, Play Me."

As I came down from my room this morning, she was on her couch, waking from sleep.  We watched a DVD.   I took her hand, I softly caressed her shoulder.  I told her that I love her.  In all of my life, that was the most intimate moment I have ever known.

Then, the dogs wanted to be let out.

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