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I'm about as moved into Замок "Кларион" (Castle Clarion) as I can manage by myself.  I've brought as much of value as I could, but I'm still losing a lot.  I'll get by.  It's total chaos, as I had to bring things here and simply drop them to make the next load, so one of the first things I have to do is sort through everything, find and deploy what I need immediately, and stack the rest.  The other thing to do is start clearing rubble.  This will not be easy, as my feet are shot and I can barely walk to carry things away, but I'll manage, perhaps a load per day.

In some sorting I did over the past couple of days, I uncovered some curtain rods.  I want to put those up and hang my heaviest draperies from them; that might help conserve heat.  I'm using a kerosene heater, which is quite efficient and quite expensive; I'm being as stingy with the kerosene as I can manage.

Bathroom facilities are nil.  This is why I need to clear rubble, to be able to work on getting a functional bathroom.  I have the technology, I have the will, I have the time.

I will make it.  I will survive.

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