Nov. 16th, 2011 03:32 pm
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Melody (the ex-) called again.  She's been discharged after her blood pressure stabilized at over 100 mmHg systolic.  A friend is driving her back home; I can't do it because her car is still in the shop, awaiting a set of brake drums.  I'll walk her down to Walgreen's (it's a block away, and she insists on going) to fill a prednisone prescription, then hopefully get her up here to keep an eye on her for a while.

I told her that I love her.  I do, even if we can't live together.
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She's admitted to the hospital for observation.  She's thinking overnight, I'm thinking at least a day, given that her blood pressure had dropped to 70/40 in some pretty severe anaphylaxis.  I'll look in on Ariel-kitty in the morning and otherwise hang by the phone.
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I went to the grocery store to shop for Thanksgiving comestibles.  I returned, took the foods upstairs, then went around to the front building to give the ex- the can of cooking spray I had bought for her.  She was not there.  In front of the building, however, was an ambulance.  The ex- was in it.  It appears that she had another allergic reaction to some food item.  The ambulance-peoples drove off to the local hospital.  Upon returning to my humble abode, I found a message on my machine.

1) I'm really worried about her.  One anaphylactic episode is a freak.  Two in six months is a trend.
2) I feel like absolute shit for not being here to take her call.  It's not as if I were out smoking crack or something, but she called because she needed me, and I wasn't there.

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