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Often, I know that I should eat something, but just don't have hunger. This time, I thought that I'd try a new tactic: I filled my mind with thoughts of my Soul, and went digging through the freezer for something that might make an acceptable offering.

I hope that you like crustaceans, because I turned up half a bag of shrimp that more closely resembled a snowball. I set up the rice cooker with three portions of rice, then started digging through the spice rack. I decided upon pressing three cloves of garlic into some sesame oil, with ginger, lemon peel, and a bit of rice vinegar, sending that through a coffee-warming cycle in the μwave oven, then letting it steep while I went to work on the shrimp. I counted ten of them into the steamer, and let them steam away until they looked done, then into a bowl of cold water with them.

I wished for a few frozen peas and perhaps a leek, but alas, there were none to be found. So I went with only a small onion, halved lengthwise and very thinly sliced. I also cross-cut each of the shrimp once. I stir-fried the shrimp and onion in the oil I had prepared earlier. As I stir-fried, I got the idea to grind a bit of black pepper over the contents of the wok. Once everything looked done, into a bowl it went, while I went on to the next step.

Into the still-very-hot wok, I cracked three eggs, and scrambled them thoroughly. Onto that, I dropped the rice I had prepared earlier, and set about a very thorough stir-frying, with a small splash of soy sauce. Once that looked and felt done, back into the wok went the shrimp and onion, for a gentle warm-through.

The flavor was very light, almost ephemeral. Everything was there, the ginger, lemon, garlic, sesame, but it floated by the taste buds, rather than hitting them with a sledgehammer. I will definitely do this again, tweaking it a bit to see what happens, but I hope that it is a decent off-the-cuff dinner.

Screw This

Nov. 30th, 2011 06:20 am
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I'm just not sleeping.  So I'll wash some dishes and have breakfast instead.  There's nothing quite like a breakfast of grape jelly on my own bread, unless it's a breakfast of peach jam on my own bread.  As I presently have no peach jam, I'll go with the grape jelly.

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