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I dismember a partially eaten turkey, remembering two people who shared it with me.  Stripping bones of meat that will become sandwiches tomorrow, I remember the people who sat with me at my table.  There are dishes to wash, dishes from which they ate as we conversed.  I remember a flash of utter bewilderment, disbelief that these people were here, that they were here of their own accord.  I remember a twinge of sadness when it was time for them to return to their own home, their own life.

The dishes will eventually be washed and put away.  The remainder of the soup and rosemary potatoes and turkey will eventually be eaten.  The table will be struck, the props put away.  But the memory of the day will always remain, the joy of this gathering shall never leave me.

Thank you Raien and PJ.  I thank you for all you have given me.  Mine is a debt of gratitude, a debt upon which I will gladly make payments, hopefully for the remainder of my days.
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Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you so much for writing me off.  Yes, I'm serious.  I thank you for what you did, I thank you for making me want to avoid loneliness so much that I threw caution to the wind and invited two essentially complete strangers to share my Thanksgiving table.  I thank you for this because they are the most amazing people I have met in my fifty-four years.

Thank you Raien and PJ for visiting me, for dining with me, for conversing with me.  Thank you for petting the kitties.  I was instantly comfortable around you, and I hope that you felt even the tenth part of that comfort around me.  Yes, I am selfish when I say this, but I hope that our newfound friendship can grow.

Yes, Diana, there is a Santa Claus, and he came early this year.  I will always remember this Thanksgiving as one that gave me more to be thankful for by the time of its completion than I had had at its inception.  Raien and PJ, I thank you once more, and I will thank you each day of my life.

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