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This may sound really stupid, but... [personal profile] angelbabe_cj , your mention of having received my holiday card put me in a state of absolute joy! I don't know what it is; could it be that when one loses pretty much everything -- or finds that she never had much of it in the first place -- the little things come to mean that much more?

As I type, a happy little parody of Jingle Bells is running through my head, which I present here:

The Carol of the Poo

Ag and fu, bu and gu, fici and a fu!
I is really really really really full of poo-poo!
I is really really really really really really really really really really really really full of poo!

And if you think that's sick, you should see what I do to The Twelve Days of Christmas :o)
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I suppose that my father would call this "hot dogging", but I was listening to some Stuff™, when I felt the urge to put it up here.  It's Maynard Ferguson, with the band he had while living in London back in the early 1970s, covering James Taylor's Country Road.  I love this arrangement.  I don't know another way to put it except to say that it's "full of happy".

Click, my children, and you shall hear (6.4MB)

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I just did one of those "cheap online legal advice" things, to try to get a preliminary answer to some debt questions I had.  The reason I did this is quite simple: My parents, by their rejection of me, actually did me the superb favor of removing a major roadblock in the way of my seeking a change of name.  Another fear of mine, however was my credit record: I did not know whether there were money judgments against me, and what I could do, were there any.

Everything came back just fine!  I can start putting money away to retain an attorney!  This cost me $42, but the result makes me so damned



I'm actually trembling, about to burst into tears of joy.

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My theory of chaos is that order exists in the universe because all of the chaos ended up here.

That said, I am slowly picking my through this place, trying to clear some floor, and maybe even some table, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  And speaking of the Thanksgiving holiday, it looks like I will be having guests for same, as long as a Russian ICBM doesn't go wild and vaporize everything east of Steubenville.  [personal profile] oraien , I can't thank you and Parker enough for assenting to share my table.


Please understand that this will be the very first time that I will be doing something like this without a spouse/partner/RealDoll hanging over me, so I hope that I get it right.  At the very least, I can serve up popcorn and buttered toast, yes?

This is so amazing!  Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!  Yay!

We now return you to non-manic behavior, which is in progress somewhere, I think.

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