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My friend Peggy had me over her house today, to play Makeover Barbie™. She's the friend who has been insisting that I color my hair. I actually got her to lay off a little bit, getting her to wait at least another visit or two before hitting me over the head with the Clairol bottle. We talked about Things® while she worked on my hair with a curling iron and brush.  When she had finished, she took a look at me, and out of her mouth came the words "I don't want to color your hair any more," and she proceeded to describe the subtle gradations of my natural color.  I was so relieved, and so pleased when she showed me the result of her work.  Once I got home, at about 02:00, I took a shot of myself in an effort to preserve the look, such that I might try to recreate it.  The camera cannot begin to capture what I see in the mirror, but I here give it a try.  I truly cannot believe that this is me.  I look almost pretty.

Here be the result:

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