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Some background information for those who might not know:

Weasel is Winston's Special Friend. Winston and Weasel have had a Meaningful Relationship for, perhaps, seven of Winston's nine years.
For virtually all of her life, Miranda has been She Who Hates Everything That Is Not Miranda (with the possible exception of my lap).

Today, I saw something that floored me. Winston was out of The Studio, doing Winston Things™. Miranda was keeping watch over Weasel while Winston was gone.  How do I know this?  Miranda was on a hair-trigger, the slightest sound causing her to spring to DEFCON-2.

This is not the Miranda I know.  Deb, we need to talk.  Whether directly or indirectly, you are having a profound effect upon my crew, perhaps as profound as the effect you have had upon me.

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[personal profile] moropus  recently reminded me of a very significant time in the lives of Miranda-kitty and myself.  I've been going through my old LJ entries, and found the month's worth of posts in reference to what I now call The Saga of Miranda, and  I've put them up on my web site, in the section entitled Diana's Transition.  It might seem strange to some to place a story of the kitty what has me in the story of my transition, but in my view, it works, as I attempt to explain in the Epilogue.

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