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I took my holiday decorations down.  Now, the place looks less festive, and I may have to find something to do about that.  I think that I may have the flea problem under control, if not eliminated.  I tagged and filed a couple of gigabytes of baroque and renaissance music; I have about 87GB of various kinds of music to go.

There is still an obstacle course to clear, so I'd best start on that.
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I just got through sweeping my way down the landings in the front building, then mopping my way back up.  The mop came apart, and it still looks horrid.  I guess that I'll just have to change out the mop head and do it again.

I should look around for a shift and cloth cap; I feel like Carol Burnett's Cleaning Lady character.  It helps me feel a little bit useful, though.

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I made an appointment for Celia at the Animal Rescue League Vet Clinic near here.  It's Wednesday, the same day as my Emilie appointment, so I ought to be able to commit some monolithic biaviacide on the way up there.  I just have to arrange transportation; it looks like I'll be hiring a taxi.

I got some dishes done, and two loads of laundry.  There are some sink and floor visible that weren't when I awoke.

I also washed dishes for the ex-.  She had sliced one of her fingers pretty well on some broken porcelain tile at work; five stitches were required.  I'm quite happy to keep her hand out of water for a while.

I started processing the air-to-ground audio from Apollo 11 Flight Day 2.  I'm making a few large real-time audio recordings from many small ones by inserting silence at the appropriate places.  Don't ask me why, I'm just doing it.

I had two bowls of bran flakes for dinner.  Maybe I won't be so full of shit.

I did a lot of thinking.

I did a lot of crying.

I guess that's pretty much it.

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