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I finally got to the Post Office yesterday, to send about a dozen holiday cards.  Of course, I have since thought of two more recipients; it always works that way.  My folks don't get a card.  It's not that I'm angry with them, really and truly, I'm not; I'm sending no card because they have indicated that they do not want contact with me, and it is not mine to intrude upon them.  At the same time, should they ever decide to talk to me again, they will hold this "no-card Xmas" against me forever; it always works that way.

I do feel sorry for my folks.  A couple of weeks ago, I had called my ex-wife.  We had talked for a couple of hours, as it had been ten years since we had last spoken.  During that conversation, I came out to her, and told her that my folks had written me off.  I had to smile slightly when she told me that "They were never two of my favorite people."  Aye, there's the rub; over the years, they have alienated just about everybody.  They are two abjectly lonely people, but they have done it to themselves.  Yes, I feel sorry for them, but not because almost nobody talks to them.  I feel sorry for them because they refuse to accept anyone at face value; I'm not the only one.  I feel sorry for them because as long as they are as they are, they will always be lonely; they will always be lonely because they do not see fit to change their world-view.
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She is finally getting to the holiday card list.  It feels a bit strange to skip the one address that has been obligatory all these years; but if so, then so.

Just to set the mood, I'm spinning Christmas with Thomas Hampson.  Atheist though my philosophy may be, I still love the music.  What can I say?

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Think of me as you will, but every time I hear this, I do a Tammy Faye Bakker with the eye liner.

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I really should start working on holiday cards, if I can remember where I put them.  Call for destination addresses open for at least another week.  It will probably take that long to find the cards.

All comments screened.
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Well, here it is, folks, the time around which the whole kid year revolves.  So let's bring it on!

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Chalk it up to my innate laziness, but I'm still in the process of breaking down the Thanksgiving setup.  Well, maybe not laziness; maybe a reluctance to put away things that evoke such happy memories.  I do need to do this, however, because I live in the present, and the present includes a winter holiday tree that I believe will go right where the Thanksgiving table now stands.

Speaking of winter holiday: [personal profile] oraien , you do realize that you and PJ absolutely have to celebrate same with me, right?  In a flash of inspiration, I thought of what I hope would be the perfect gift for PJ; I'm preparing it right now.  Fear not, I know that I can think of something for you, too.

And Raien, I had noticed you looking at my wall of 5"x7" prints from NASA's glory days.  What I had somehow missed telling you was that they are captioned on their reverse sides.  Do I have a favorite?  Of course I do.  Fourth file, second rank; Buzz Aldrin saluting the US flag on the lunar surface, in the very early morning EDT of 21 July 1969.  If you want to talk about gifts, that was one I shall always remember; I had turned 12 years of age on the previous day, the 20th, the day of the landing.

There are two chairs to take back to Melody's apartment; after a run through the washer, the tablecloth will also go back.  Then, let the decorating commence.
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I should be receiving them in about two weeks, then I can get to satisfying the mailing list.

Speaking of mailing list: If any more of you want to be on it, speak now, or forever hold your piece.  Piece of what is up to you; just hold it.
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But I've decided on the design for this year's holiday cards.  The other image idea wasn't working well, anyway.
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[personal profile] angelbabe_cj  reminded me: The time of the holiday cards quickly approaches.  I do believe that I will have cards printed this year, as I did last year, so if anyone would like to receive one, please let me know the address to which I should send same.  Comments to this post are screened, so you can do it there, or you can send to dclarion@fnordnet.net

Marie ([personal profile] moropus ), I definitely want an address update for you, so hop to it :o)

Incidentally, I believe that I have some of last year's cards around here somewhere, so you can have one of those, too, if I can find them.

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