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The one thing I do not know about this indictment is whether it is even worth issuing it.


I need to find a way to make you understand.  I need to find a way to make you understand how you have hurt me, and yes, how you have angered me.  You believe that I humiliate you.  As much as I wish that I could make you see the error in your reasoning, that is not what has unsettled me so.  I am hurt and angered not because of what you believe, but because of the way you chose to make it known to me.

Father, you issued your indictment against me not directly to me, but from the shadows.  You issued your indictment far enough in the open that I could know that you did it, but far enough out of sight that I could not respond.  That is not the act of an honorable man.  That is a pusillanimous act; that is the act of a coward.

Tell me, has your niece heard your bitter complaints about her expenditure to place your great-nieces in a parochial school?  Do those great-nieces and your great-nephew know how you truly feel about the biracial?  I think not, because I believe that you know that you would lose their company were you to make these things known to them.  Tell me, how is it that, thirty-five years ago, you had the courage to drive your daughter away by screaming your unfounded accusations of pregnancy directly at her, but you would not offer me the same courtesy now?

How often, in the past and even the present, have you admonished me to "grow up and take responsibility"?  I see so clearly, now, that that was not parental guidance; I see that it was projection.

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