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I have not been having a good winter, and today was not the best of these winter days.  Today was a food bank day.  The Little Miss Sunshine I have to be was sitting, with number in hand, waiting for my turn with the grocery cart.  During this time, I was assaulted with all manner of "he", "his", "him", and the like, not so much from the neighborhood morons as from the people working the place, people who have seen me month after month for three years, people who know me, people who have me registered as Diana Clarion, people who should know better.

Well, my turn came.  At the sign-in desk, the person who had, not twenty minutes before, called out "HE needs a number" and at whom I had cast the Glare of Death, asked me "And how are you doing today?"

That was it.

I began speaking in a soft voice, but I felt it steadily rise.

"I am having the worst winter of my life, and I am..."  At this point, I felt myself rise to my feet, now speaking in a clear voice that would fill Carnegie Hall without benefit of amplification, "...tired of being called what I am not!  My name is DianaThank you!"

There followed, many tears.

I will tell you that I had never received as much respect from those people as I did from that point on.  I will also bet you a shiny new nickel that none of those people got the point, and that by tomorrow, everything will be back to the deprecating norm.

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